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Single Channel Starter Kit

Starter Kit containing 3 Pipet-Lite™ XLS+ single-channel pipettes (2-20 μL, 20-200 μL and 100-1000 μL) 3 racks of LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips and a set of Hang-Ups™ (L-STARTXLS+)

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Average Rating 5.0

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Can't do small volume experiments without it.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Moleuclar biology

These Pipette-lite single channel pipettes are incredibly essential for long days of small volume molecular biology experiments. The weight isn't overbearing and the ease of use is so much better than other brands. Putting on a pipette tip is easy and the best is that it takes minimal effort to remove tips. This makes pipetting less straining to the hands, which is fantastic.

Review Date: 16 May 2021 | Rainin

Ergonomic performance champion

Comfort, accuracy and control

  • Total hand comfort with lower spring forces, while maintaining supreme accuracy and precision. Smooth and responsive plunger for total control.

Reliability and convenience

  • Secure volume lock averts accidental drift and allows easy one hand adjustment. Upgraded ejector and shaft assembly for easy cleaning and autoclaving.

GLP/GMP security and asset management

  • RFID tags provide secure service data for ease of calibration tracking, asset management and maintenance schedules for your pipetting inventory.

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