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Prospect T1 High-frequency Ultrasound

ScinticaSSPT1-SysM40Available: Worldwide

The Prospect T1 is an innovative high-frequency ultrasound system designed specifically for in vivo preclinical imaging in small animals such as mice and rats. This compact and cost-effective tablet-based system provides high-resolution images (up to 30 µm) and advanced capabilities to monitor changes in hemodynamics and observe anatomical structures in real-time.

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With its standard ultrasound capabilities, such as B-mode, 3D B-Mode, M-mode, Color/Power Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler, Tissue Doppler, Contrast imaging and Shear Wave Elastrography, the Prospect T1 offers an array of imaging options for a wide range of applications. Additionally, the system offers access to the RAW digital RF data, making it possible to generate quantitative results and perform offline data analysis.

The included scanning platform is equipped with a heated mouse or rat-sized platform and integrated physiological monitoring, making it easier to position the animal and acquire high-quality images.

Three different single-element probes are available to choose from, depending on the animal to be imaged and the anatomical targets. The ergonomic design of the animal handling apparatus ensures easy positioning and cleaning between imaging subjects, while the analytical tools and measurement packages help to speed up the process of generating results.

* Cardiovascular Research
* Cancer Research
* Abdominal & Anatomical Imaging
* Developmental Biology
* Ophthalmology
* Other Species The Prospect T1 is versatile, and can also be used with other species such as zebra fish, chick embryos, amphibians, bats, hamsters, and more.

Features and Benefits:
* Standard Imaging Modes
* RAW Data and Import Scripts
* Add-on Hardware / Software Options
* Probes and Platforms
* Compact & Small Footprint
* Intuitive Workflow with Touch Screen
* Comprehensive Measurement Packages
* Simplified Image Guided Injection Mount
* Non-linear Contrast Agent Imaging (First Harmonic)
* ECG Gated Kilohertz Visualization

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