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NGB-R Next Generation Bioprinting

ScinticaPO-NGBR-01Available: Worldwide

The NGB-R is a multimodal, 4D bioprinting platform designed to print live tissues and organs. Combining laser-assisted, micro-valve, and extrusion bioprinting, the NGB-R enables true versatility of bioprinting (from cells to spheroids) and offers the possibility of using a large number of biomaterials and hydrogels. 

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The Next Generation Bioprinting (NGB) systems were designed incorporate high resolution Laser-Assisted Bioprinting into this proprietary and innovative platform.

This research based platform (NGB-R) is modular platform in design, and aims to give tissue engineers and researchers greater freedom in the choice of biomaterials and hydrogels and greater versatility in their research and development programs. The Next Generation Bioprinting (NGB)NGB-R platform from Poietis has been developed to overcome current tissue manufacturing shortfalls and solve critical limitations of existing 3D bioprinting technologies thanks to single-cell resolution and learning-based methods. This platform integrates automation and robotics, and numerous online sensors – including cell microscopy – and Artificial Intelligence processing. In addition, it integrates all bioprinting techniques (laser-assisted bioprinting, bioextrusion and micro-valve bioprinting), a world’s first in the bioprinting market.

* Regenerative Medicine - Advanced Therapies
* Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Testing
* Disease Modeling
* Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Testing

Features & Benefits:
* Multi-Modality, Laser-Assisted, Bio-extrusion, and Micro-valve Bioprinting Techniques
* High cellular viability (>95%)
* High resolution, high printing speed
* High precision (10µm)
* Integrated microscopy and image analysis platform
* Fluidic multi-cell loading module
* Robotic-assisted

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