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Newton FT-900 Bioluminescence & Fluorescence IN VIS, SWIR (NIR I& NIR-II) for in vivo Imaging

ScinticaVLB-1211-9790-1Available: Worldwide

The NEWTON FT-900 is a deeply cooled CCD imager dedicated to SWIR (NIR-I, NIR-II), fluorescence and bioluminescence multi-spectral imaging as it allows for in vivo applications in the visible, near and short-wave infrared spectrum (VIS/ NIR/ NIR-II). Smart and ultra sensitive, it provides non-ionizing and non-invasive visualization of biological processes in real-time.

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This cutting-edge optical imaging system facilitates the penetration of NIR-II light deeper into small animal tissue with less autofluorescence resulting in clearer and sharper images.

Bioluminescence & 3D Optical Imaging
Take advantage of the NEWTON FT-900 ultra-high sensitivity provided by its camera and lens (f/0.70). Perform bioluminescence tomography (BLT) to non-invasively visualize and monitor biological processes in small animals, such as mice. Reconstruct the bioluminescent signal into volume through our innovative 3D tomography imaging module which repositions it into the 3D representation of the mouse. Analyze deeper tissue structures with the help of our Mouse Atlas which allows the overlay of the mouse organs to the tomography image. Identify the size and location of the signal much more accurately than with 2D optical imaging. Our CCD and 3D cameras enable ultimate linearity for precise protein quantification over the full dynamic range.

NIR-II Fluorescence
Benefit from a 10 times greater photon penetration depth than visible fluorescence thanks to our strong intensified filtered LED. Witness live and ultra-low noise imaging of biological events with our cooled 1″ CCD SWIR InGaAs camera that boasts 20 micrometer pixels and a video mode, ensuring unrivaled sensitivity and reduced image acquisition times. Visualize multiple reporters simultaneously with our overlay signal feature and choose from 9 excitation channels in the visible RGB and NIR spectrum (440 – 980nm) and 14 high efficiency emission filters, (1000 – 1600nm) all designed with our dual magnetron filter technology that guarantees high signal to noise ratio. The tight LED spectrum is constrained with a narrow excitation filter, to avoid autofluorescence.

VIS Fluorescence
Handle a variety of simultaneous signals for all your applications in the visible light spectrum (440-850nm). Get the benefits of multispectral imaging without worrying about crosstalk. Our unique technology ensures spectral unmixing by using mathematical dye separation so that each channel contains only the signal from one dye. Transport and image even immunocompromised animals by adding our XT 500 isolation chamber (sealed with HEPA-SPF filters) to the system

* Tumor & Infection Monitoring
* Cell Migration Tracking
* Detailed Vascular Blood Flow Maps
* Vasculature & Microcirculation Visualization
* Biodistribution & Pharmacokinetics Studies
* Drug Dispersion
* Heart Rate & Breathing

Features & Benefits:
* Metabolic Studies
* All the Applications you Need in One System
* Luciferase Expression
* Blood Flow Maps
* Minimal animal preparation steps
* Wide Compatibility

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