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MDx-Chex® for BCID2

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MDx-Chex for BCID2 is a first-of-its-kind quality control designed to evaluate the entire analytical process of the BIOFIRE ® Blood Culture Identification 2 (BCID2) Panel for sepsis. With MDx-Chex for BCID2, you can track lot-to-lot performance of the BCID2 assay and reduce the occurrence of incorrect results due to instrument or assay failures. 

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MDx-Chex for BCID2 is a patient-like full process control designed to validate the entire analytical process of the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel, including cell lysis, DNA extraction, purification and removal of PCR inhibitors in addition to qPCR amplification, detection and analysis. MDx-Chex for BCID2 covers all targets tested on the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel: 43 bacteria, yeasts and antimicrobial resistance gene targets packaged in two separate vials, one for Gram (-) bacteria and one for the Gram (+) bacteria and yeasts. Microorganisms are intact, inactivated and suspended in a matrix of stabilized red blood cells, white blood cells and blood culture media components, providing you with a control that can be mixed and pipetted like a positive patient sample, reducing the risk of cross-contamination, pipetting errors or other pre-analytical variables that may cause incorrect results.


  • Patient-like matrix of inactivated microorganisms, blood cells and culture media components
  • Can be directly used on the BIOFIRE FilmArray® Torch and 2.0 platforms
  • Kit of two vials that provide complete coverage of all 43 BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel targets


  • Challenges and verifies the entire analytical process of the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel assay
  • Reduces preanalytical variables such as pipetting errors and cross-contamination
  • Easy to use - simply pipette like a patient sample

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