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MALDI-8020 Benchtop MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer

Shimadzu CorporationAvailable: Worldwide

Providing a dependable, robust, and easy-to-maintain platform, Shimadzu’s benchtop MALDI-8020 delivers sensitive detection and accurate mass determination by MALDI-TOF MS for a variety of analytes.

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Average Rating 4.8

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ease of handling and ease of operation .Too good.


Average Rating 5.0

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It enabled high quality results and the results are consistent.

Review Date: 18 Apr 2018 | Shimadzu Corporation

Great instrument indeed, well done Shimadzu.


Average Rating 4.3

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Is really a powerful instrument, with a small footprint that is easy to use, the software is powerful and very effective in the characterization of biotechnology related samples.

Review Date: 17 Apr 2018 | Shimadzu Corporation

It's the best benchtop MALDI and an amazing addition to the lab.


Average Rating 5.0

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Extremely easy to use and provides high quality results. The MALDI-8020 has a very small footprint compared to other MALDI units that I've used and the software is very user friendly. Even undergraduate students can easily learn how to use the instrument within an hour of training. The unit is also reasonably priced, especially for its capabilities and performance.

Review Date: 17 Apr 2018 | Shimadzu Corporation



Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Insect plant interaction, insect and plant biochemistry

It is really amazing. The results are accurate. It was a little difficult to use initially but goes well. I would recommend it to others.

Review Date: 19 Mar 2018 | Shimadzu Corporation

Through innovative instrument design, the space-saving MALDI-8020 achieves performance specifications similar to those of larger, more expensive MALDI-TOF models but in a significantly smaller footprint. The MALDI-8020 improves laboratory efficiency and accelerates analysis through a newly designed load-lock system for rapid sample target introduction and a solid-state laser for fast data acquisition speeds. Using linear time of flight, this compact MALDI-TOF system enables low-level detection of proteins, peptides and polymers, among other analytes. In addition, it easily accommodates standard laboratory workflows such as peptide mass finger printing for simple protein ID confirmation, in-source decay (ISD) and polymer distribution analysis.

Key features include:

• Compact benchtop design
• Rapid loading and acquisition
• Automated source cleaning
• Integrated barcode scanner

The MALDI-8020, operated by MALDI Solutions software, is ideally suited for pharmaceutical QC labs as well as academic and industrial labs with limited laboratory space. MALDI Solutions offers intuitive, yet secure, operation, including security, audit trails and user management, to help meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Additionally, the simple and intuitive user interface makes this an ideal teaching tool.

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