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M-Series Compact MRI

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The M-Series™ systems are cryogen/cooling-free, self-shielded, high-performance MRI systems based on permanent magnet technology. The M-Series systems allow preclinical researchers, with or without in-depth knowledge of MR physics, to utilize the gold standard method in soft tissue imaging without the cost, complexity, and technical burden of superconducting MRI systems. 

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Based on the permanent magnet technology, there are no special infrastructure requirements, operating and maintenance costs are minimal, and they can be easily integrated into existing lab space. These 1 Tesla systems are optimized for anatomical, functional, and molecular imaging applications in cancer, cardiac, neuroscience, and multimodal imaging. The optional SimPET insert can be integrated with the M-Series for simultaneous PET/MRI acquisition.

MR contrast agents further enhance the capabilities of this imaging modality, providing invaluable insights into tissue/tumor perfusion, myocardial infarction size, and molecular targets. Gadolinium and Iron-Oxide based contrast agents can be used with the M-Series product line. These systems are ideal for contrast agent imaging as it operates at 1 Tesla (T), which embodies an increased sensitivity to the effects of Gadolinium compared to higher-field MR systems.

* Anatomy & Morphology
* Neurobiology
* Cancer/Oncology
* Cardiovascular Biology
* Ex vivo Imaging
* Multimodal Imaging
* Contrast Agent-Enabled Functional and Molecular Imaging

Features & Benefits:
* Self-shielded permanent magnet
* Fully integrated physiological monitoring, heating, & anesthesia
* Coils are self-tuned and matched, and the system performs calibrations automatically.
* User-friendly software interface with numerous sequences
* Minimal animal preparation steps
* Affordable purchase price for fully-equipped systems
* No electricity is required to maintain the magnetic field, so no heat dissipation (cryogens or water) is needed
* Hardware and software add-ons are available to allow for integration of other imaging modalities such as PET and bioluminescence

Catalogue Numbers: M3 - AI-PCI-M3, M5 - AI-PCI-M5, M7 - AI-M7+SimPET-S

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