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Luna® Universal Probe One-Step RT-qPCR Kit

New England Biolabs Inc.Available: Worldwide

Rapid, sensitive, and precise probe-based qPCR detection and quantitation of target RNA targets.

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Robust and easy to use RT-qPCR kit


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Detection and Quantification of RNA

This kit is extremely robust and easy to use. Simply add the master mix to water and your primer/probe master mix, and the reaction is ready to go! We get great standard curves using this kit, and we will continue to use it.

Review Date: 22 Nov 2022 | New England Biolabs Inc.

Make a simpler choice

  • One product per application simplifies selection
  • Convenient master mix formats and user-friendly protocols simplify reaction setup
  • Non-interfering, visible tracking dye helps to eliminate pipetting errors

Experience best-in-class performance

  • All Luna® products have undergone rigorous testing to optimize specificity, sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility
  • Products perform consistently across a wide variety of sample sources
  • A comprehensive evaluation of commercially-available qPCR and RT-qPCR reagents demonstrates superior performance of Luna products

Optimize your RT-qPCR with Luna WarmStart® Reverse Transcriptase

  • Novel, thermostable reverse transcriptase (RT) improves performance
  • WarmStart RT paired with Hot Start Taq increases reaction specificity and robustness

This kit is also offered in a No ROX formulation for instruments that do not require the ROX passive reference dye.

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