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LTS Pipette Tips

RaininAvailable: Worldwide

Racked tips,  from 10μL -  1200 μL max. volume, for Rainin pipettes with LTS™ LiteTouch™.

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Average Rating 4.3

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Should be your go to tips!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

RNA extraction

Rainin tips are always my go to, reliable and never problematic

Review Date: 12 Jun 2023 | Rainin

Great results


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


Very High quality. Good results for use of these pipettes. Came in good container. Nice dimensions for counter top use. Sturdy and hardy package and plastic, conform to pipettes. Good all around product.

Review Date: 23 Sept 2022 | Rainin

Great, high quality results!


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Testing chemical compounds in 96-well plates with Multi-Channel pipettes

High quality tips for Multi-Channel pipettes enabling reproducible high quality results!

Review Date: 22 Jan 2022 | Rainin



Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Transfer liquid

I don't know about other tips, but these have always worked well for me.

Review Date: 24 Sept 2021 | Rainin

Best tip for ddPCR, 10uL tips require extra firm pressure to seat on the pipette.


Average Rating 3.7

Application Area:


These are great tips to use for PCR and pipetting valuable analytes. The 10 microliter tips do not fit snugly and require pressing very firmly to seat the tip, which can result in loss of material. All the other tip-volumes fit and preform well. The low-particulate quality of the tip plastic makes it ideal for using for tests such as ddPCR, particulate counts, turbidity, etc.

Review Date: 22 Mar 2021 | Rainin

Product details

  • Low Retention Filter LTS Tips, Sterilized
  • Easily pipette proteins, enzymes, and DNA
  • The superhydrophobic tip surface minimizes liquid retention. Less sample retention means less waste, better performance.

Protects against aerosol contamination

  • Rainin tip filters employ a tortuous path technology to form an effective barrier against aerosols and liquids. Filters eliminate the potential for sample and pipette cross-contamination that could jeopardize results.

LTS tip design

  • Feel the difference with the Rainin LiteTouch System. LTS dramatically reduces the amount of force required to load and eject tips. The result: less fatigue and less stress on hands and arms.

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