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Labfors 5

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Labfors 5 - A truly universal bioreactor

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The Labfors 5 is suitable for microorganisms, phototrophic organisms as well as solid subtrates and enzymatic bioprocesses. There are almost no limits to its uses.

Labfors Features:

Fully equipped
An integrated analog feed pump is a standard feature that makes the bioreactor immediately ready for fed-batch cultures. The unit includes three digital pumps for acids, bases and antifoaming agents. Up to four gases (air, N2 , O2 and CO2 ) can be used in virtually any combination. Users can select either a mass-flow regulator or a rotameter for a precise feed. If required, additional sensors and actuators can be connected.

Make six out of one
Would you like to organise your laboratory work more efficiently? Then connect your touchscreen control to up to six Labfors 5 bioreactors. You can operate them simultaneously, and save time by, for example, calibrating all pH or pO2 sensors at the push of a button.

eve® Bioprocess Platform Software
eve® is able to do more than just plan, control and analyse your bioprocesses. The eve® software integrates workflows, devices, bioprocess information and big data in a web-based platform, with which you can organise your bioprocesses in a web based system.

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