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Innova® 42/42R

EppendorfM1335Available: Worldwide

Stackable or benchtop incubator shaker with optional refrigeration.

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Average Rating 4.6

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Solid as rock!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Bacteria and algae growth

The Innova 42 incubator, is one of our cornerstones of the laboratory, we got two of them stacked on top of each other. One of the great qualities they possess is the spaciousness of the internal compartment. You can put the stands inside easily, they are robust and very simple to use. The temperature control is stable and the growth conditions are highly reproducible.

Review Date: 18 Mar 2024 | Eppendorf

Great instrument!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Bacterial culture

Robust product: up to 6L of culture without problem. Quick to heat up and cool down. Easy to use, reproducible results and never needed to contact after-sales service.

Review Date: 18 Mar 2024 | Eppendorf



Average Rating 3.3

Application Area:

Molecular Biology

The top shelf is subject to direct air flow such that agar plates for bacterial growth dry out!

Review Date: 18 Mar 2024 | Eppendorf

We are very happy with this choice. We save space because we put one on the other


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Molecular pathology experiments

We are using it for a lot of applications, we have 2 also one not refrigerated, in combo we can choose a lot of different temperatures and shaker spin.

Review Date: 5 Mar 2024 | Eppendorf

Easy to operate due to programs


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Cultivation of bacteria

The Shaker is very handy and can be optimized for certain cultivation tasks by employing program functions. It offers all that is needed to culture bacteria and finds space in each lab.

Review Date: 5 Mar 2024 | Eppendorf

Definitely would recommend this instrument!


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Bacterial growth and cell culture

Easy to maintain, and have not had any mechanical issues in the time that we have had the incubator. It quickly gets to the desired temperature that we want to shake things in. The fact that it is stackable is great! Really helps us optimize the space we have in the lab.

Review Date: 26 Oct 2018 | Eppendorf

Almost maintenance free and compact in size, safe and durable machine


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


Accurate and efficient, easy to use, compact in size, and a durable machine.

Review Date: 16 Dec 2015 | Eppendorf

Are you looking for a highly-versatile stackable incubator shaker that comes with Innova® and Eppendorf reliability?

The Innova® 42/42R is one of the most popular shakers from Eppendorf because of its cleanability, variety of options (like a static cultivation shelf, a culture drawer to protect Agar plates from evaporation, UV germicidal or photosynthetic light), and flexibility of placement in the lab.

Recommended applications:

  • Cultivation of bacteria, yeast, fungi, insect cells, e.g. for
  • protein expression
  • Cultivation of algae of plant cells (photosynthetic light bank
  • optional)
  • Plasmid production / Bacterial clone selection on Agar
  • plates
  • Media optimization
  • Mixing and shaking of samples (e.g. for staining, washing,
  • extraction or hybridisation)
  • Solubility studies


  • High capacity in a small footprint: for example, 4x 5 L or 2x 6 L flasks on universal platform
  • Saves lab space and is easy to move: Small footprint of only 63.5 × 74.5 cm / 25 × 29.3 in; weight 98 kg / 216 lb (42), 121 kg / 266 lb (42R); device footprint 4731 cm2 /733 in2 (63.5 cm/25 in width, 74.5 cm/29.3 in depth)
  • Reliable 24/7 with high loads: Proven and tested Innova® triple eccentric counterbalanced drive (three weight-supporting shafts), max. load 15 kg
  • Smart shaker drive control: Smooth acceleration and deceleration avoid splashing and mechanical damage; for safety, shaker stops, if door is opened or excessive imbalance is detected to prevent the shaker from walking
  • Ergonomical and safe interface handling: Top mounted controls and display make bending down unnecessary during handling, avoids accidental parameter changes, and can be reached easily even in a double stack
  • Easy to clean: Spill diverter and drainable built-in spill pan with rounded corners protect the drive from accidental spills (can be used as a water reservoir to reduce sample evaporation); airflow UV-germicidal light optional
  • Lab position flexibility: Lab position on or under bench, 2x stackable
  • Parallel static cultivation: One height adjustable static shelf included, optional culture drawer and additional shelves available
  • Sample evaporation protection: Bottom spill pan usable as water reservoir; optional culture drawer, for Agar plates, for example
  • Visual sample control: Large viewing window and internal light provide easy viewing of samples without the need to open the door
  • Programmability: Continuous, timed, or multi-step programming (15 steps), store up to four programs
  • Options and Accessories: Orbit 19 or 25 mm, photosynthetic light bank, UV germicidal light, culture drawer for evaporation protection of Agar plates, additional static shelves (one included), humidity monitoring, remote monitoring with VisioNize® Lab Suite and more

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