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In-Fusion HD EcoDry Cloning Plus

For seamless DNA cloning in a lyophilized format

Takara Bio

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Great product for seamless cloning.


Average Rating 5.0

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Amazing for cloning, never fails, easy to use and very high success rate.

Review Date: 8 Feb 2021 | Takara Bio

The In-Fusion HD EcoDry Cloning Plus kit enables high-efficiency, high-fidelity, directional cloning of one or more PCR fragments into any vector. The EcoDry Kit provides In-Fusion enzyme in a convenient, lyophilized (dry) format. In addition to the cloning kit, this package includes: a NucleoSpin Gel and PCR Clean-Up Kit, which can be used for both gel extraction and spin-column purification of PCR products; Stellar Competent Cells, an E. coli HST08 strain that provides high transformation efficiency paired with blue-white screening capability when used with pUC plasmid vectors; and CloneAmp HiFi PCR Premix, a convenient high-fidelity PCR 2X master mix that provides exceptionally accurate and efficient DNA amplification.

In-Fusion HD EcoDry Cloning Plus systems include all the reagents you need—including the cloning enzyme mix, PCR enzyme, competent cells, and gel extraction kit.

  • Ease of use and consistency—Lyophilized, pre-aliquoted cloning mix; dried-down format eliminates handling errors and contamination, and facilitates high-throughput workflows
  • Sub-cloning is unnecessary—Clone any insert, into any locus, in any vector, with just one reaction
  • Highly efficient—Over 95% efficiency demonstrated with a broad range of fragment sizes from 0.5 kb to 15 kb
  • Seamless construction—Final constructs have no extra base pairs left over (as is often the case with restriction digest or TA cloning)
  • Flexibility to clone single or multiple fragments—Clone single or multiple DNA fragments simultaneously, in a single reaction
  • Can be used to perform site-directed mutagenesis

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