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Factor Deficient Substrates

CRYOcheck™ Factor Deficient Plasmas are frozen, platelet-poor plasmas which are immunodepleted and assayed at less than 1% for the specific factor by functional and antigenic methods.

Alpha Laboratories Ltd

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CRYOcheck plasma is buffered and frozen, resulting in an excellent quality product that is consistent vial to vial.

In addition to quality, the frozen format brings the following benefits to your laboratory:

  • Eliminates reconstitution errors
  • No bovine additives
  • All plasmas are screened negative for the presence of factor-specific inhibitors
  • Packaging and vials are compact and colour-coded for easy storage and identification
  • Convenient frozen format ready to use within minutes of thawing
  • 8-hour stability once thawed when maintained at 2 to 8ºC
  • Expiry dating of 3 years from the date of manufacture when stored at 40 to -80°C
  • Quality Control Certificate provided for each lot number
  • Source plasmas are screened negative for all FDA-required tests
  • Comprehensive selection: Factors II through XII and Prekallikrein

CRYOcheck Factor Deficient Plasmas may be used in conjunction with our CRYOcheck Gold Standard Family of Assayed Plasmas, including Normal Reference Plasma, Reference Control Normal and Abnormal Reference Controls.

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