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epMotion® 5075

 The epMotion 5075 is the ideal solution for diverse liquid handling demands. It offers the same outstanding accuracy and precision as epMotion 5070 and 5073. The available options make the 5075 an excellent and flexible device for applications such as NGS library preparation, real-time PCR set-up, magnetic bead-based and filter-based purification, cell-based assays or any routine pipetting tasks.

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Average Rating 4.3

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Awesome robotic instruments for the molecular experiments


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Automated system for pipetting and for nucleic acid extraction

This emotion is excellent product to have in your lab when you need to process a lot of samples altogether. Automated system for extraction and pipetting with least error. Great results I got after its use for the PCR run even better with the normal processing through extraction, which is time consuming also. This made my life pretty easy and highly recommended.

Review Date: 14 Dec 2020 | Eppendorf

Average Rating 2.7

Application Area:

Liquid Handling

A first time user would need training in programming. It would be nice to find out new ways of carrying out different applications. It gives negligible interday, intraday and interplate variation for my screening assays.

Review Date: 16 Dec 2013 | Eppendorf

Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


I am glad we took the decision of going for EP motion 5075 for our LC MSMS application. It has lived up to expectations and has done well to serve our needs. I am looking forward to using it more as we grow in numbers. Application support and service after sale has been very good.

Review Date: 16 Dec 2013 | Eppendorf

Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Plant Science

We use the epMotion 5075 VAC in different protocols such as PCR, real time PCR, genomic DNA and plasmid extraction and sample dilution. Using the epMotion 5075 VAC and a Fast Real Time equipment it is possible to pipette and run up to six 96-well plates in a working day. For Plant DNA extraction and Plasmid extraction we use kits that had been tested and that Eppendorf provides Plug’n’Prep protocols. In a couple of hours it is possible to extract high quality DNA from 96 samples. You load all reagents and labware, press the start button and while you perform other tasks the epMotion does the bench work for you. The Plug’n’Prep protocols are very easy to use. Creating a new protocol is time-consuming but once you have done it you can save it and use with different number of samples. I would definitely recommend the Eppendorf epMotion 5075 VAC for scientists who need high-throughput and accurate pipetting, sample extraction and purification.

Review Date: 13 Dec 2013 | Eppendorf

Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

Molecular Ecology

I have had this equipment for 2 years. It has worked seamlessly from the start. It is very handy for purification of PCR products for DNA sequencing (using magnetic beads). I would recommend it.

Review Date: 10 Dec 2013 | Eppendorf

With epMotion automated pipetting systems, you will see things in a nepMotion 5075 family overview:

epMotion® 5075l
Don't stress yourself by doing complex pipetting tasks when you can perform fast, accurate and reproducible PCR plate setup with the epMotion 5075l automated liquid handler. The epMotion 5075l offers 15 worktable positions and is well suited for high-throughput preparation of plates, PCR or qPCR setup, DNA/RNA normalization, cherry picking, dilution series, reformatting, and immunoassays. Say goodbye to tedious pipetting steps!

epMotion® 5075t
The epMotion 5075t automated liquid handling system allows you to perform high-throughput NGS library preparation with magnetic beads with speed and efficiency. It is also ideal for automating more complex, time-consuming liquid handling tasks such as DNA/RNA extraction and ELISA. Save time and improve the reproducibility of your results with the epMotion 5075t!

epMotion® 5075v
With integrated vacuum filtration, the epMotion 5075v allows true walk-away automation of filter-based purification or extraction protocols. Increase your lab productivity and free up time for other tasks!

epMotion® 5075vt
With integrated vacuum filtration and a combined mixing and temperature control module in one system, the epMotion 5075vt allows true walk-away automation of both filter- and bead-based, purification or extraction protocols. Do not let complex purifications and extractions tie you to your workbench!

epMotion® 5075t NGS Solution
The epMotion 5075t NGS Solution includes all dispensing tools, accessories, and consumables needed for NGS library preparation of up to 96 samples. It automates the process, providing reproducible and precise results while increasing lab productivity. With maximum kit flexibility, it's ideal for medium- to high-throughput and complex NGS workflows, eliminating the need for labor-intensive manual workflows.

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