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Digital Lab Exchange DLX

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The Scitara Digital Lab Exchange DLX™ Connect everything. Compromise nothing. The industry’s first iPaaS solution, Scitara DLX connects every instrument, application, and system in the lab to an independent, peer-to-peer platform. So you can control where data goes and share it freely across your lab enterprise.

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If you want full visibility and customization of your data flow, look no further.


Average Rating 5.0

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ETL & laboratory Integrator

We have worked with scitara for the past 6 months, and it has been nothing short of an incredible experience and platform. Everyone in the company has been more than willing to help and give guidance on setting up the platform to connect all of our hemoanalyzers and laboratory equipment, and as a result we have a fully automated and customized pipeline to pull, transform and insert data from our myriad of programs and machines. This helped us truly automate our process and consolidate the need for several different programs to bring everything under one roof.

Review Date: 5 Jan 2024 | Scitara Corporation

Great Product : Bridging the gap between Industry 4.0 and Labs : One Step Closer


Average Rating 5.0

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Best New General Lab Product

I think solution is quiet unique in the industry which comes with its own benefits like ease of deployment and installation. Biggest benefit I see is its plug and play modularity. The DLX solution is first step towards bridging the gap between the technology 4.0 and labs. For GMP environments when its tougher to work with, the DLX has been able to plug the gap in a very subtle and smart way. Scitara team knows what they are doing, what their product does or can do. Amazing set of people through the process. Its 100% value for money for sole reason easy to use and its plug and play

Review Date: 3 Jun 2022 | Scitara Corporation

The industry’s first iPaaS solution, which runs completely on AWS, Scitara DLX establishes a global, cloud-based digital platform that connects your entire enterprise. An easy-to-use orchestration engine automates simple tasks, while advanced tools and programming capabilities drive more sophisticated workflow automation. The fastest route from data to discovery. Our DLX technology transforms lab infrastructure, eliminating the silos that delay and disrupt critical research. Connect: Seamlessly integrate legacy systems with new technologies within a common digital infrastructure. Orchestrate: Automate tasks, enable intelligent user notifications, and exchange data securely across the entire platform. Monitor: Capture and reconstruct data at any time to gather insight into lab operations and accelerate decision-making.

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