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Cytomics FC500 Flow Cytometer

Beckman Coulter Life SciencesAvailable: Worldwide

The Cytomics FC 500 Flow Cytometer Automated tube-based acquisition for clinical assays. It has the capacity to conduct 5-color analysis using either a single 488 nm (blue) laser or a dual 488 nm/635 nm (blue/red) laser. The FC500 is available with a carousel tube loader or a Multi-Platform Loader (MPL) that accommodates both tubes and plates.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

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Excellent cytometry equipment.


Average Rating 4.7

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The cytometer has a particularly good working accuracy, facilitating the use of multiple samples. This saves time. The software is well updated and aligned with most of the needs and experimental applications. It is easier to calibrate the equipment. The cost is still high but it is a worthwhile investment if the laboratory works in hematology, as precision is the strongest point of the equipment.

Review Date: 16 May 2021 | Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Easy to use, reliable and flexible to testing.


Average Rating 5.0

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Flow cytometry

The FC500 Series delivers flexible testing, powerful software, and a user-friendly interface - features that help scientists optimize their overall workflow efficiency. The best, reliable, machinery to use in flow cytometry.

Review Date: 26 Jan 2021 | Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

  • stemCXP Software for hematopoietic stem cell enumeration
  • tetraCXP Software for TBNK analysis
  • ADC technology for color compensation
  • Compensate during acquisition and in listmode analysis


System Configurations

  • 5 color analysis using a single blue (488 nm) laser.
  • Optional red (635 nm) laser available
  • Optional plate-based analysis via optional Multi-platform loader (MPL)


  • Streamlined data entry and reporting with bi-directional LIS connectivity when used with Data Innovations Instrument Manager 8.05-8.12
  • QC functionality with Levey-Jennings reports
  • 21CFR Part 11 support via MXP software

Set up and Acquisition

  • Vortex of individual tube prior to acquisition
  • Two forward scatter settings for effective sizing
  • Flow Check and Flow Set Fluorospheres for fast automated set up
  • IQAP Quality Assurance Program to compare performance
  • Barcode identification of carousel number, position number and tube label
  • 0.5 µm particle resolution

Clinical Assays

  • Ready to use, pre-optimized reagents make sample prep easier than ever
  • Improve lab safety with reduced sample handling with no wash protocol
  • Process controls including low level CD4 counts
  • Built-in reliability and intra-panel checks
  • Sample flagging with insufficient T cells

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