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CryoCube® F101h

Eppendorf CryoCube F101h ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer combines compact design with real -80 °C to offer long-lasting and reliable ULT technology for safe sample storage

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When it comes to maximizing sample storage capacity at the bench, the Eppendorf CryoCube F101h freezer sets the standard: Up to 6,000 vessels below your bench in the lab. By taking advantage of ultra-efficient, compact vacuum insulation panels which are used in combination with traditional PU foam insulation, we slim down the freezer wall thickness from 130 mm to 80 mm.

The footprint is limited to half a square meter, specially designed for small labs. The CryoCube F101h is stackable as an option. The temperature range for this -80°C lab freezer is between -50 °C and -86 °C. The green cooling (based on hydrocarbons) results in low power consumption of 4.6 KWh/ day (-70°C) and 6.3 KWh/ day (-80°C) for 230 V.

Key features:

  • Equipped with reliable heavy-duty compressors (2-stage cascade cooling system).
  • Quick pull-down times enable fast re-use after cleaning/defrosting of the instrument.
  • Short recovery times back to -80 °C after opening to provide extra sample safety.
  • The temperature range is from -50 °C to -86 °C.
  • For even higher sample safety, the Eppendorf ULT freezers can be equipped with CO2/LN2 back-up systems and a chart recorder.
  • Temperature monitor systems can be used to monitor the freezers remotely.
  • The CryoCube F101h can be equipped with a broad range of different racks made of stainless steel as well as aluminum.
  • Take advantage of the online Eppendorf rack configuration tool (please use Mozilla FireFox as browser): Rack configuration tool

*Not a vailable in all countries. Please see Eppendorf website for more information.

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