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Corning® Matribot® Bioprinter with Starter Package

Corning Life SciencesAvailable: North America,Western Europe,Asia,Eastern Europe,Middle East,Africa,

Accelerate development and streamline the workflow of 3D models.

Corning Life Sciences

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Flexible, easy-to-use, semi-automated solution that reduces manual inconsistencies


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

3D model bio printing

Easy to use, no need for extra oe special cartridges of tubing, very efficient to produce 3D model in a systematic way, highly accurate system offering solutions for organdies and 3D biomodels printing.

Review Date: 11 Feb 2023 | Corning Life Sciences

Enabling more efficiency and better results


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Cell seeding in 3D

The capability to print cells and do single-cell cloning in 3D brings the CLD process to the next level. The additional dimension enables the analysis of each clone for its expression in the gel, which is a better representation of its productivity than surface staining. Corning brings this idea into reality.

Review Date: 23 Jan 2023 | Corning Life Sciences

The new Corning Matribot bioprinter is a breakthrough benchtop device that enables you to dispense and print with temperature-sensitive hydrogels such as Corning Matrigel matrix and Collagen without cold blocks, ice buckets or cold room, as well as hydrogels that require ambient temperature. Unlike other bioprinters, the Matribot bioprinter uses a syringe-based extrusion platform with a temperature-controlled printhead, insulated nozzles, printbed that can be heated, and a UV LED system, all staged in a small footprint.

Features and Benefits

  • Cooling Syringe Printhead
  • Lab-standard Equipment
  • Convenient, Steady Temperature Control
  • Heated Printbed and UV Curing System
  • Compact Footprint and Easy to Clean
  • Automatic or Manual Calibration
  • Software accepts STL, OBJ, or AMF files and supports both Windows® (XP 32 bit/7+) or macOS X (10.6 64bit/ 10.7+) operating systems
  • User-friendly Corning DNA Studio software

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