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A flexible, compact but full-fledged spinning-disk confocal solution, CICERO makes high-end fluorescence imaging accessible to every laboratory enabling a variety of applications.

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CICERO is a complete widefield and spinning disk solution, it can be integrated into any imaging setup transforming it into a user-friendly and reliable confocal system. Life sciences, metrology, and material sciences are among the disciplines relying increasingly on high-resolution 3D imaging.


  • Fast imaging and large field of view - With its small footprint, the CICERO delivers fast image acquisition speed (15K rpm) and sensitivity, easily enabling live cell imaging and large-scale 3D object imaging. Due to its large field of view (FOV), the CICERO offers a minimal scanning process and can capture large samples in a single frame.
  • Flexibility - CICERO is a reliable and flexible solution compatible with both LED and Laser as illumination sources. Moreover, the wide spectral range enables a large variety of applications. For this, CICERO allows to address both entry-level and challenging applications.
  • Configuration - Uniquely designed, CICERO fits upright and inverted microscope frames with a C-camera port, providing maximum configuration flexibility. CICERO allows seamless integration with all major microscopy systems and ensures a pleasant user experience. Any user can include widefield and confocal images in their daily work. The disk is hosted in a sealed compartment securing a dust-free environment throughout the System's lifespan, ensuring no artefacts on images and downtime for cleaning.

With its cost-effective design, stability, and user-friendly interface, CICERO makes confocal imaging accessible to the whole scientific and industry community.

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