BioXplorer 400XL

Expanded bench-top, parallel 8 bioreactor platform.

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The BioXplorer 400XL offers eight bioreactors with a working volume of up to 400 ml for rapid optimization of key parameters in aerobic fermentations. Its parallel bioprocessing and customizable bioreactor lid enable the selection of real-time monitoring parameters. Paired with WinISO, the BioXplorer 400XL achieves full fermentation automation and responds to process changes effectively.

Enhanced Bioreactor System
The BioXplorer 400XL features eight bioreactors, each tailored for aerobic fermentation with adaptable 120 mL – 400 mL working volumes. These bioreactors support diverse probe and sensor options, with multiple gas and liquid feed configurations available. The system's capacity to precisely oversee up to eight parallel bioprocesses enhances screening and optimization studies, accelerating process understanding and scale-up efforts.

Flexibility and control
The BioXplorer 400XL merges larger working volumes with the capacity for eight independent reactors under WinISO control. This software not only monitors but also ensures precise parameter control, maintaining ideal reactor conditions. Coupled with customization options and a range of liquid, gas pumps, and agitation choices, it offers valuable tools for characterizing and optimizing bioprocesses.

Key applications:

  • Aerobic fermentation
  • High through screening

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