BioXplorer 400

Bench-top, parallel 4 bioreactor platform.

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The BioXplorer 400 features four bioreactors with up to 400 ml working volumes, making it an excellent choice for parallel bioprocess optimization. Its customizable lid design extends testing options, allowing real-time characterization of critical fermentation parameters using selected probes. Paired with H.E.L's control software, it enables full automation of aerobic fermentation processes for enhanced efficiency.

Parallel Bioreactor
The BioXplorer 400 comprises four bioreactors optimized for aerobic fermentation with adaptable working volumes ranging from 120 ml to 400 ml. It empowers users to conduct up to four concurrent bioprocesses, accommodating various research needs, from in-depth experimentation to parallel screening and accelerated research.

Flexibility & Control
The BioXplorer 400 offers a diverse selection of probes, facilitating thorough bioprocess parameter monitoring for detailed analysis. H.E.L's responsive software enables precise control over fermentation critical parameters by incorporating automated feedback loops.

The BioXplorer 400 is a powerful tool for process characterization and optimization. Its bioreactors offer customizable configurations for precise parameter selection during fermentation. You can choose between magnetic or overhead agitation, providing a broader range of impeller speeds that accommodate shear-sensitive cells at lower speeds and enhance gas transfer at higher speeds for increased cell densities and product yields.

Key applications:

  • Aerobic Fermentation
  • Process development

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