BioXplorer 100

Bench-top, parallel 8 bioreactor platform.

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The BioXplorer 100 is a versatile multi-bioreactor system tailored for optimizing aerobic fermentations, featuring a minimum working volume of 50 ml for low-volume processes. Its lid design offers customization options with a variety of probes and feeds, while the system is fully automated and controlled by H.E.L software for efficient operation.

Customizable configurations
The BioXplorer 100 offers eight configurable bioreactors with flexible working volumes (50-150ml), enabling independent or parallel control with various probe/sensor options. Its modular design facilitates precise liquid and gas additions, utilizing up to four sets of eight peristaltic pumps and up to two sets of mass flow controllers.

Flexible and optimized solutions for a range of applications
The BioXplorer 100 is tailored for aerobic fermentation, offering extensive configurability for enhanced process insights. Its eight parallel reactors boost productivity and real-time data acquisition with H.E.L control software facilitating live process control through feedback loops.

Compact Parallel Bioreactors
The BioXplorer 100's eight compact bioreactors enable cost-efficient parallel processing in a small space, thanks to working volumes of 50mL, reducing reagent costs and fermentation times. These user-friendly bioreactors provide flexibility in sensor configuration for real-time data collection, offering a smart solution for bioprocessing challenges.

Key applications:

  • Aerobic fermentation
  • Small scale process development
  • Gut microbiome simulation

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