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Benchtop Super Resolution Microscope – BC43 SR

Small in Size, Super in Resolution

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Super resolution imaging is now truly accessible, thanks to our fast, compact and easy-to-use benchtop microscope. BC43 SR will reveal hidden detail in your sample with routine fluorescent labels, simpler than other more expensive solutions.

Break through the diffraction barrier to capture vibrant images quicker and easier than ever before, boosting your productivity!

BC43 SR: The Benchtop Super Resolution Microscope.

Key Features

Advanced Imaging Technology – Sharp 2D & 3D images instantly

Enhanced visualisation software – Intuitive and powerful

Easy to use – Use the intuitive 3D joystick and sample overview mode to quickly find features of interest and lock position for imaging at higher magnifications

Light-tight lid – No requirement for a darkroom

Optimal Performance – Handles challenging experiments, including thick samples and dynamic processes in living cells.

Flexible – Confocal, Fluorescence and Transmitted Light modes to suit your experiment

New Super-resolution Mode – push past the diffraction limit to reveal the inner workings of the cell

Analysis Workflows – Imaris image analysis adding meaning to your images

Guaranteed performance - IQ / OQ quality control programme

Key Applications: Cell biology, Developmental biology, Neuroscience, Cancer biology, Tissue imaging, Organoids & Large Organisms

Super Resolution, Confocal, Widefield & Transmitted Light All in One

The BC43 benchtop easy super resolution microscope utilises imaging technology from our award-winning Dragonfly microscope system and provides fast and remarkably flexible imaging. From routine imaging to advanced super resolution, BC43 provides researchers with the ultimate productivity hack, delivering stunning images in seconds, hassle-free.

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