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Avantor® ACE® UltraCore Columns

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ACE UltraCore SuperC18 and SuperPhenylHexyl phases are manufactured using our unique Encapsulated Bonding Technology (EBT). This technology dramatically increases ligand coverage of the silica surface and effectively eliminates the negative effects of unbonded silanol groups. The higher ligand coverage results in improved inertness, chromatographic performance and stability.

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High throughput and high efficiency ultra-fast separations are achievable using ACE UltraCore – ultrainert solid-core columns. ACE UltraCore columns utilise ultra-high purity solid-core silica with a monodisperse particle distribution to combine high efficiency with low backpressure. Achieve UHPLC-like performance using HPLC instrumentation with ACE UltraCore. SUPERC18 ACE Ultra-Inert Silica Surface Proprietary Encapsulated Bonding Technology (EBT)‒ Ultra-inert solid-core particles‒ SuperC18 and SuperPhenylHexyl phases – with complementary selectivity for method development‒ SuperC18 and SuperPhenylHexyl have extended pH range 1.5–11.0‒ Designed for LC-MS applications

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