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ACTIVASORB® sheets, modules and caps

ACTIVASORB ® depth filter sheets are used in various applications such as decolorization, deodorization or catalyst removal. This type of filter sheets contains immobilized activated carbon which allows a easy and clean handling. In addtion, treatment with immobilized activated carbon is much more efficient compared to loose carbon powder due to a forced contact of the impurities with the activated carbon.

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ACTIVASORB® sheets allow the user to handle powdered activated carbon (PAC) in a much cleaner way than with loose carbon powders. Due to its unique adsorption characteristics, PAC is also used in biotechnological processing and the production of fine chemicals. ACTIVASORB® is available in 8 different grades. Besides filter sheets, lenticular modules (12" and 16") as well as capsules (2") are available.

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