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AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™ cell line development platforms

AbzenaAvailable: Worldwide

AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™ support cell line development (CLD) to rapidly progress therapeutic protein and recombinant vaccine projects while de-risking the journey to Investigational New Drug (IND) application.

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Designed for traditional protein programs, such as antibodies, Abzena’s proprietary, license-free AbZelect™, is optimized across the three key areas of vector, host cell line, and process. It provides improved cell doubling times, viable cell densities, and robust and stable cell lines.

The AbZelectPRO™ platform combines AbZelect™ with 2G UNic® premium vector technology to boost expression levels and generate higher-producing, stable cell lines expressing proteins including bispecifics, fusions, and other novel modalities.

By streamlining the CLD process, the AbZelect™ platforms can progress your project from sequencing to research cell banks in 15 weeks, helping to deliver your project to the clinic faster.

Our AbZelect™ platforms promote the in-depth characterization of multiple candidates at early stages through the generation of multiple fast stable pools, enabling rapid identification and mitigation of risk.

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