Product News: ZEISS Increases the Speed of the World’s Fastest Scanning Electron Microscope

Introducing ZEISS MultiSEM 506 acquiring more than 2 Tera pixel per hour

20 Oct 2015

At the annual Neuroscience meeting in Chicago, October 17- 21, 2015, ZEISS presented a new variant of the world’s fastest scanning electron microscope: ZEISS MultiSEM 506 features 91 beams working in parallel and increases the throughput of the ZEISS MultiSEM 505 by a factor of three. The unrivaled net acquisition speed of more than 2 Tera pixel per hour enables large-scaled experiments such as imaging of cubic millimeters of brain tissue at nanometer resolution for the analysis of neural circuits. For the research work conducted as part of numerous brain initiatives this will speed up the ability to map whole areas of the brain to understand the neuronal network.

The new product also demonstrates that the ZEISS multi-beam technology is scalable and will satisfy future throughput needs also in other fields, for example in semiconductor applications.

A first prototype of the ZEISS MultiSEM 506 has already been installed at Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Munich earlier this year.

The ZEISS MultiSEM 505 and 506 are designed for continual operation and fitted with the intuitive ZEISS ZEN Software which provides new features like automated section detection of serial tissue sections.