Product News: WITec Debut Brand-New Alpha300Ri Raman Microscope

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19 Mar 2019

WITec is introducing ParticleScout, its latest innovation, at Pittcon 2019. This advanced particle analysis tool for the alpha300 microscope series leverages the fast, label-free and nondestructive chemical characterization abilities of Raman imaging for use in one of the most rapidly-evolving fields in research.

Microparticles, including microplastics, are of great and ever-increasing interest in environmental science, cosmetics, packaging technology, food science, geology and many other fields. Researchers who need to find, classify and identify particulate components of samples with speed and precision will welcome the capability ParticleScout offers.

With image stitching and focus stacking, an extensive range of sample and particle sizes can be imaged. The user determines which of the imaged particles meet their criteria for further investigation and a mask is then generated to guide the acquisition of their Raman spectra. The Raman spectra identify the composition of the particles and a report is automatically generated that quantifies the different user-specified categories of particles in a histogram. 
ParticleScout also integrates seamlessly with WITec’s TrueMatch Raman database management software for a streamlined analytical workflow that is unique in the industry. 

The alpha300 Ri Offers a New Angle on Raman Microscopy

WITec’s alpha300 series pioneered and continues to define fast Raman imaging. In 2018 it was turned upside down with the introduction on the alpha300 Ri inverted confocal Raman microscope. Researchers in life sciences, geoscience, pharmaceutics and a wide range of other fields can benefit from its versatility in sample handling.

The inverted beam path enables Raman excitation and acquisition from below, which is ideal for rapid and repeatable investigations of cuvettes, Petri dishes and other standardized liquid sample container formats while the very large working area can accommodate bulky samples on its set focal plane. The motorized sample stage also facilitates the mounting of environmental enclosures and other accessories. 

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