Product News: Waters Expands Empower 2 System Qualification Software Tools to Agilent Liquid Chromatographs

16 Mar 2009

Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) today announced an expansion of its liquid chromatography system qualification tool for its Empower Chromatography Software. The new Empower™ Systems Qualification Tool (SystemsQT™) which has been available only for Waters instruments, now supports Agilent® 1100 and 1200 series HPLC Systems in laboratories that have standardized on Waters® Empower software for enterprise chromatography data management. The Empower SystemsQT Tool reduces the amount of time to qualify Agilent HPLC’s by 40% when compared to traditional, paper-based protocols.

As resource-strapped laboratories today seek to cut costs and increase operational efficiency, the Empower SystemsQT Tool gives laboratories a means to replace what are now paper-based and labor-intensive qualification/re-qualification protocols with a new standard for automated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant qualification. For regulated laboratories with large numbers of liquid chromatographs, the savings can be dramatic. Streamlining the qualification process reduces downtime and increases instrument utilization rates as well as return on investment (ROI) while keeping laboratories in a state of full 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, EU GMP (PIC/S) and 21 CFR Part 211 compliance.

First introduced in 2007, the Empower SystemsQT Tool is compatible with Empower and Empower 2 Software and allows Waters compliance specialists or in-house service or metrology teams to manage the automated qualification of Waters ACQUITY® UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC®) and Alliance® High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Systems as well as Waters modular HPLC systems. A key benefit of the tool is that it tests systems in a manner similar to the way they will be used in the laboratory.

“Our customers continually look for ways to streamline their operations. Empower is now a standard across many of their operations, and with thousands of Agilent 1100 and 1200 LC systems controlled on Waters Empower networks, this extension of the SystemsQT Tool to the Agilent LC’s is a major step forward in improving their laboratory efficiency,” said Dr. Rohit Khanna, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Waters Division.

About Empower Chromatography Software
Waters Empower Chromatography Data Software is Waters flagship software product. It can be deployed on single workstations or as part of a laboratory information management network. Designed for laboratory-wide, secure, networked instrument control and information management of UPLC, HPLC, or GC systems, it acquires and processes data and allows scientists to readily create reports.

All Waters software is backed by an Enterprise Solutions group that provides customers with the highest quality and most efficient implementation of Waters Laboratory Informatics products, including strategy assessment, planning, hardware architecture recommendations, software installation, validation, training and full production rollout.