Product News: Waters Corporation and ESA Biosciences Announce New Detector Control Software

12 Mar 2009

Waters Corporation and ESA Biosciences announced today the availability of the ESA Corona® CAD® HPLC detector control in Waters® Empower™ 2 Chromatography Data Software (CDS).

The new software option responds to the needs of laboratories that have standardized on Waters Alliance® HPLC System and the ESA Corona CAD charged-aerosol HPLC detector for analytical and preparative-scale HPLC analyses. Scientists now have single-point system management and control over the entire system including the Corona CAD detector in Empower 2 software. By raising the level of compatibility, Waters is striving to give customers the ability to achieve higher productivity and efficiency.

ESA will provide free-of-charge the Empower 2 Software driver to its existing Corona CAD customers. New customers will receive the driver set within the instrument’s start-up kit.