Product News: Waters announces a new synthetic cleanup solution for medicinal chemists in drug discovery

28 Jul 2008

Waters Corporation announced today a new addition to its line of sample preparation products with the introduction of the Waters PoraPak Rxn Cartridges. PoraPak Rxn Cartridges are single-use, syringe-barrel cartridges that offer medicinal chemists an effective and simpler method of isolating target compounds in synthetic reaction mixtures. The cartridges are available immediately worldwide from Waters.

PoraPak Rxn Cartridges are a cost-effective alternative to flash chromatography or liquid/liquid extraction for fractionating reaction mixtures, taking much of the complexity out of the process and consuming significantly less solvent per procedure.

Waters PoraPak chemistry is a proprietary resin that remains stable within a pH range of 1 – 14 unlike silica-based particles which tend to dissolve at pH extremes. Waters PoraPak Rxn cartridges come in 6, 20, or 60 cc sizes. Bulk PoraPak material is also available.