Product News: Water Determination without Chemicals using EasyH20

Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH

07 Aug 2015

Determination of water content is critical for many industries to ensure high quality of source materials and end products. By dispensing with toxic or special reagents, the Berghof easyH2O one constitutes an alternative to the established Karl Fischer titration procedure.

EasyH2O combines the thermal evaporation of water with a selective, electrochemical water sensor to produce a new and innovative procedure for water determination. The result is not falsified by materials that evaporate from the sample along with the water, as is the case with gravimetric moisture measurement technology. Instead, it delivers reproducible and precise results, making it possible to provide separate proof of free surface water, capillary water and bonded water.

The water is evaporated from the sample in a programmable oven and conveyed to the sensor in a stream of carrier gas. The coulometric sensor absorbs the water in a phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) film and electrolyses it immediately. The charge quantity required is proportional to the amount of water, and is ascertained. The sensor is self-regenerating and is thus always ready for use.

Operation is extremely simple. No special or toxic chemicals are required to operate the system. The user benefits from reduced operating and disposal costs as well as reduced blank value entry with chemicals.