Product News: Water content determination in tablets – made child’s play with Titrando plus Homogenizer

13 Nov 2006

The water content of medicaments influences the release of the active substance. In pharmaceutical analysis the water content is therefore an important parameter.

With the Metrohm Karl Fischer titrator 841 Titrando plus homogenizer, tablets are dissolved in the KF reagent in a very short time, regardless of their coating.

The 841 Titrando and the high-frequency homogenizer work together perfectly via an RS232 interface. The stirring rate and the duration of the homogenization process can be comfortably controlled via Touch Control without a PC. On the other hand, if you do use a PC then control is carried out by the tiamo™ titration software or the PC Control software. A particularly practical feature is the possibility of altering the stirring rate during the analytical process: the sample is first homogenized at high speed and then analyzed by Karl Fischer titration at a lower stirring speed.

As the comminution and homogenization process takes place directly in the sealed titration vessel, any falsification of the analytical results can be ruled out.

Do you have to deal with a large sample throughput? A large number of samples can be processed with savings in time and for a favorable price by using one of our sample changers directly suited to your requirements. The high-frequency homogenizer can be included in an automated system without any problems; all the possibilities offered by automation are open to you.