Product News: UVP and Analytik Jena - Complete Life Science Laboratory Solutions

11 Apr 2016

Visit UVP booth #1748 and Analytik Jena booth #1750 at the 2016 AACR in New Orleans, LA, to see a complete life science laboratory solution.

UVP is launching a new and updated line of gel, chemiluminescent and in vivo imaging systems, including the:

  • iBox® Explorer™ Imaging MicroscopeIn vivo imaging of fluorescent markers from whole animal to single cell
  • ChemiDoc-It®TS3 Imager – An upgradeable, stand-alone gel and chemiluminescent imager, providing high sensitivity images for quantitation of gels and Western blots. The system features a built-in touch screen for image acquisition and enhancement. ChemiDoc-ItTS3 is RGB and multiplex capable.
  • BioDoc-It®2 Imager - Compact system for basic gel documentation

For cancer research, the iBox Explorer Imaging Microscope provides in vivo imaging of fluorescence markers from whole animal to individual cells. The system features breakthrough advances with dual lighting and software-controlled objectives for imaging and high resolution capture of whole animals, tissue margins and individual cells. Magnifications levels range from 0.17X to 16.5X. The platform accommodates two mice. Excitation is from visible to NIR for applications including biodistribution monitoring, micro/macro metastases, hematogenous trafficking, tumor/host margins and interactions.

Through UVP, Analytik Jena offers numerous complementary products to create a complete life science laboratory solution. Designed and manufactured in Germany, Analytik Jena products are designed with ease of use, durability, and longevity in mind.

Analytik Jena life science products include:

qTOWER3 qPCR Systems – Now available with integrated 10” touchscreen, qTOWER3 provides:

  • Extremely homogenous (±0.15°C) 96 well qPCR for up to 6 targets
  • Completely open format for common plasticware types (for standard 96 well SBS plates, 0.2 ml tubes or 8-well strips) and kits/master mixes
  • Rapid heating/cooling rates of up to 8.0°C/sec and 6.0°C/sec, respectively
  • No required periodic maintenance or calibration
  • Optional gradient capability – Up to 40°C gradient span across 12 columns/“zones”
  • 10-year optical system warranty; 3-year warranty on remainder of system

SpeedMill PLUS Desktop Homogenizer – For homogenization of up to 20 samples at once utilizing highly efficient, patented Dual-Action Technology and passive cooling capability in a small, personal-size format

innuPREP and blackPREP Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification Kits – Utilizing patented Dual Chemistry Technology, Analytik Jena kits offer a unique combination of both chaotropic and non-chaotropic salts within the buffers to provide both higher and purer yields than many common methods

InnuPure C16 Nucleic Acid Extraction System – Completely automated nucleic extraction for up to 16 samples in parallel; utilizing Analytik Jena’s patented Dual Chemistry Technology, complete extraction is completed in 35-75 minutes with absolutely no programming required!

Stop by booths 1748 and 1750 to experience the benefits of UVP and Analytik Jena’s complete life science laboratory solution, to see both companies’ excellent line of products first-hand, as well as to request free DNA/RNA sample kits to accelerate your research!