Product News: Trace Analysis Bottletop Dispenser

29 Jul 2011

The new BRAND® Dispensette® TA bottletop dispenser is designed for dispensing high-purity chemicals for trace analysis. With a fluid path composed of materials such as PFA, PTFE and sapphire, the Dispensette® TA can be used for analysis in the PPB and PPT range.

With a volume range of 1-10mL the Dispensette® TA is available in two different models, depending on the reagents and testing performed; one with valve springs constructed of platinum-iridium, and one with tantalum springs. The platinum-iridium version is also suitable for dispensing of hydrofluoric acid. The instrument features many of the safety and convenience features of other Dispensette® models such as a removable SafetyPrime™ valve. The wiping seal dispensing cartridge helps maintain reagent integrity, and can be easily replaced by the user. Replacements are supplied with quality certificate. An optional flexible discharge tube (not for HF) facilitates serial dispensing.

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