Product News: Top-quality Sorbent Tubes and Accessories for Thermal Desorption

14 Jul 2017

Quality of tubes varies hugely between manufacturers, and should be the first thing to consider when purchasing, because it ultimately affects the quality of your data.

Markes has been making sorbent tubes for 20 years. To ensure perfect results, each tube is individually packed under strict quality-control processes, and then flow-tested before leaving our factory.

What’s more, tubes can be preconditioned, meaning you could benefit from artefact levels much lower than those from other manufacturers.

The Markes advantage

  • Tubes available in high-quality stainless steel, inert-coated or glass.
  • 3½-inch tubes compatible with instruments from all major TD manufacturers.
  • Innovative tube-tracking features.
  • Application-optimised or customised packing to extend the analyte range monitored.

A guide to choosing the right sorbent tube for your analyses can be found here