Product News: Tips Provide Optimum Sterility and Flexibility

30 Nov 2007

A new range of high quality tips which are DNase, RNase, Pyrogen, Human DNA and PCR inhibitor free and suitable for most mainstream pipette models for molecular use and PCR applications, has been introduced by SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY SUPPLIES, (SLS).

These tips are racked in 96’s (in 100’s for the 1000µl tip) with each tip housed in its own individual well which reduces tip to tip friction and results in improved multi-channel pipette use. This also ensures that if a tip is used the inner casing is not exposed, so the sterility of the rest of the internal casing is not compromised. The racks are manufactured with recycled plastic and can be autoclaved up to 10 times.

The 10µl and 1000µl tips are supplied in a ‘long-reach’ format which provides the benefit of allowing the tip to reach the bottom of a 1.5ml or 15ml tube respectively, without the nose cone of the pipette entering the neck of the tube. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination of the pipette from the tube contents and contaminating the tube with the pipette itself.

The hydrophobic surface within the tip ensures low sample retention (excluding 1000µl) and so minimises the loss of a precious sample by adherence to the wall of the tip itself, meaning maximum sample recovery. The barrier tips, which have no additives which may cause PCR inhibition, have a patented non-sealing super micron barrier system which allows unrestrained pipetting airflow and so increases pipetting accuracy and precision.