Product News: Thermo Scientific Axia ChemiSEM for data acquisition speed and simplicity for materials micro-analysis

11 Nov 2020

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled the Thermo Scientific Axia ChemiSEM, a cost-effective, floor-model scanning electron microscope (SEM) that is designed to take materials micro-structural analysis and defect discovery to a new level of speed and simplicity. 

Axia ChemiSEM includes always-on energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) analysis with Thermo Fisher’s breakthrough ChemiSEM technology, providing academic and industrial users with near instant access to quantitative compositional imaging. The result of this instant access: Axia ChemiSEM provides actionable data up to twice as fast as other competing SEM-EDS solutions currently on the market. Next-generation auto-alignment and auto-focus technology greatly lower the need for training, while the instrument’s unique chamber and stage design makes it easy to investigate samples of all shapes and sizes, including heavy samples up to ten kilograms. 

Unlike traditional SEMs, Axia ChemiSEM promises to offer:

  • Fully integrated ChemiSEM Technology, offering instant quantitative elemental information with the click of a button and without needing additional set-up or switching between user interfaces;
  • A large, flexible chamber that can accommodate samples traditionally considered too heavy for investigations involving electron microscopy; and
  • A new, advanced column automation that is always ready to image, enabling users to focus on data collection rather than instrument management.

“The Axia ChemiSEM is a single platform that has always-on EDS data. It will expand materials analysis access by extending micro-imaging and micro-analysis to a broad range of non-technical users,” said Rosy Lee, vice president of materials science at Thermo Fisher. “This new microscope is ideal for both high-volume industrial labs that want to increase sample throughput while reducing costs and academic institutions that want affordable, reliable, and fast SEM-EDS analysis with less training.”

For companies or academic institutions that want to add SEM-EDS analysis to their workflow but are worried about complexity and approachability of SEM technology, Axia ChemiSEM is easy to deploy, use and train on, and provides rapid microstructural and elemental information. Axia ChemiSEM provides faster access to the compositional data necessary for accurate failure analysis and defect discovery by collecting chemical information in the background, before users need it. These improvements can help lower the cost-per-sample and generate long-term savings.

The new user experience and advanced technology provides live, integrated EDS data and minimizes the time spent managing the tool. With unique auto-alignment and auto-focus technology, users can focus on data collection, rather than instrument operation. It also offers easy sample navigation and handling of heavy samples due to a uniquely flexible chamber and state design, intuitive software, and imaging automation workflows.

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