Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Unveils Gibco ExpiSf System

The novel insect protein expression system promises superior protein yields, consistent results, a streamlined workflow and scales from discovery to production

04 May 2018

Historically, undefined insect media components such as yeastolate have made it challenging to achieve consistent results and protein yields across multiple experiments. These factors can significantly slow vaccine development at a time when manufacturers are under pressure to develop vaccines faster and more efficiently. Focused on removing barriers to vaccine development and production, Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced its Gibco ExpiSf system, the first-ever chemically defined insect protein expression system. 

The revolutionary ExpiSf system brings together the company’s Gibco media technology, Lipofectamine transfection technology and molecular biology expertise to deliver three times more protein and consistent results. Unlike other systems, ExpiSf has been optimized for the generation of high-quality baculovirus using a suspension-based transfection protocol that delivers protein in half the time compared to traditional insect platforms. The superior performance enables customers to realize significant time savings without sacrificing quality and reproducibility across experiments. 

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“The new ExpiSf Expression System offers a convenient virus generation and protein expression cell line in only two steps, for both secreted and intracellular proteins,” commented Xuan Droz, Ph.D., project leader, Redbiotec AG. “We predict that using the ExpiSf system will save us about 30 percent in the time taken for protein expression and make cell maintenance simpler.”  

Available now, ExpiSf has many advantages over alternative insect expression platforms: 

  • > 300 percent higher protein yield: In performance tests against five competing insect media, the ExpiSf System demonstrated greater protein expression – delivering 3x more protein. 
  • Consistent results: Chemically defined, animal-origin free, yeastolate-free growth medium supports consistent cell growth and protein expression, run after run. 
  • One optimized system: Fully-integrated platform removes the need to optimize individual components, saving time and cost. 
  • Streamlined workflow: The ExpiSf system simplifies baculovirus production to deliver protein in half the time, 6-10 days, compared to 10-20 days via classical techniques. 
  • Scales from discovery to production: The scalability of ExpiSf system accelerates development by delivering equivalent cell growth and protein volumetric yield from small to large scale, making the system well-suited for both discovering new therapies and producing them in large quantities.

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“The ExpiSf Expression System is the newest member of the Expi family delivering superior protein expression and consistent performance in Sf9 cells,” commented Amy Butler, vice president and general manager, Cell Biology at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “ExpiSf is the first-ever chemically defined insect expression system that enables our customers to streamline vaccine development from the bench to the clinic. The system is also suitable for applications in basic research where protein structure and/or function is being studied, for example, in structural biology.”

ExpiSf System Components: 

  • ExpiSf Expression System Starter Kit - Includes all of the reagents necessary to generate recombinant baculovirus and express proteins with the system. 
  • ExpiSf CD Medium - A GMP-manufactured, chemically defined, yeastolate-free, animal origin-free (AOF) high-density insect growth medium. 
  • ExpiSf9 Cells - ExpiSf9 is a robust cell line derived from Sf9 cells and adapted for high-density suspension culture in ExpiSf CD Medium. 
  • ExpiSf Enhancer – A chemically defined protein expression enhancer that is specifically matched to ExpiSf CD Medium to deliver significantly higher protein yields. 
  • ExpiFectamine Sf Transfection Reagent – a next-generation cationic lipid-based reagent for efficient transfection of DNA from insect cells using a faster, simpler protocol than alternative options.

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