Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases New Software Update for NanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer

24 Nov 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the release of a new software version for the NanoDrop™ 8000 Spectrophotometer. The fully-featured software is available for download free-of-charge from the webpage (link on right). The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 8000 instrument is designed to perform full spectrum UV/Vis analysis of up to eight 1µl samples in less than 20 seconds. The new user-friendly software adds increased flexibility to the system, allowing users to customize methods according to their specific application needs. Thermo Fisher is marking the release of this new software by offering customers in North America either a free system laptop or a free one-year extended warranty with the purchase of a NanoDrop 8000.

The version 2.0 release incorporates user-requested features and upgrades including:

• User configurable software that allows scientists to create and save unique methods for routine use.

• Easy importing of lists of pre-defined sample names, saving time and reducing potential transcription errors associated with manual entry.

• Units selector tool that permits scientists to select preferred concentration units for samples, particularly useful for downstream data manipulations.

• Oligo calculator feature.

Jason Chester, analytical development research specialist, Diosynth Biotechnology shares his enthusiasm for the NanoDrop 8000, “This updated software allows us to create new methods and customize our work with the NanoDrop 8000, which is extremely important to our research.”

The updated software increases instrument flexibility by allowing users to design and save personalized methods of analysis. Sample information can be easily imported into the system, eliminating the need for manual data entry, reducing error and increasing efficiency. These features, combined with the NanoDrop 8000 fast measurement cycle of up to 96 measurements in six minutes increase throughput and efficiency. In addition, the instrument’s Sample Position Illuminator feature makes it simple to track samples to be measured.

The NanoDrop 8000 provides absorbance spectra and calculated concentrations for common biological samples. Its unique sample retention technology eliminates the need for cuvettes and dilutions and makes for easy clean-up as test samples are simply wiped away using a lab wipe.

The NanoDrop 8000 is a perfect fit for busy labs that have several users sharing equipment or that have high sample-throughput needs. The no-charge demo program is an excellent way for scientists to evaluate the NanoDrop 8000 in their own lab using their own samples.

For further information on the Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 8000, please the nandrop website.