Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Chromatography Innovations at Analytica 2010

24 Mar 2010

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announces the launch of the Thermo Scientific ISQ single quadrupole gas chromatography mass spectrometry system (GC-MS) at Analytica 2010, expanding the company’s line of chromatography instruments and consumables.

As an integrated workflow, the Thermo Scientific portfolio of chromatography instruments and consumables delivers improved performance, accuracy, sensitivity and increased productivity from sample preparation to final detection and quantitation. The new products are designed for analytical testing in applications where performance, robustness and lower lifecycle costs are critical. The company will showcase its combination of chromatography innovations at Thermo Scientific booth 101 in Hall B1 during Analytica 2010, being held March 23 - 26, in Munich, Germany.

The Thermo Scientific ISQ single quadrupole GC-MS provides simplified operation and minimum downtime for uninterrupted productivity in routine GC-MS applications including forensics, toxicology, food safety and environmental. A highly robust and rugged system, the ISQ GC-MS features the new ExtractaBrite™ removable ion source designed to provide maximum uptime and productivity by increasing the length of time between required source maintenance. In addition, the ISQ GC-MS offers the ability to remove the entire ion source without venting the analyzer to allow 24/7 operation.

Also highlighted at Analytica 2010 is the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum XLS, which offers precision, sensitivity and productivity in a variety of applications including forensics, food safety, environmental

and general industrial. Featuring the new DuraBrite™ IRIS high-sensitivity ion source, the TSQ Quantum XLS™ delivers ion source inertness, sensitivity in the low femtogram range and higher quantitative precision at trace levels, bolstering its leading position in performance and stability. The Quantum XLS is designed to increase productivity in the lab by combining its high-precision hyperbolic quadrupole rod analyzer with high-speed data acquisition and a significant upgrade in software.

The ultra-low bleed Thermo Scientific TraceGOLD GC capillary columns provide outstanding run-to-run and column-to-column reproducibility for data consistency and extended column life. The columns are extremely inert, ensuring that peak shapes are obtained, even for highly active or difficult compounds that often cause peak tailing. Reduced column bleed minimizes the risk of contamination of the mass spectrometer while extending the interval between scheduled maintenance. High sensitivity levels are obtained with low baseline noise, resulting in improved limits of detection and enhanced resolution for low-level analytes.

The new Thermo Scientific Accela 1250 pump dramatically improves separation for complex mixtures during ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography (U-HPLC) analysis. The quaternary pump features Force Feedback Control (FFC) to eliminate the need for pulse dampening while improving flow accuracy and gradient precision under extreme operating conditions. The Accela 1250 pump operates at a top pressure of 1250 bar with flow rates of up to 2mL/min, designed to reduce run times and improve productivity.

In addititon, new low-particulate National Scientific mass spec certified, pre-cleaned chromatography vials are produced under strict quality control protocols for uniformity. The chromatography vials are cleaned and tested in a GMP-compliant, fully validated cleanroom environment to prevent contamination. Each lot is tested for particle counts, as well as liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) background, to ensure that each vial provides consistently high performance.