Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific announces new control system for makers of lithium-ion batteries

The company says the system is designed to increase quality and performance of lithium-ion battery electrode coatings and separator films

04 Mar 2021

The production of lithium-ion batteries is rapidly increasing, driven by the growth in demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. Lithium-ion battery manufacturers are seeking to scale operations at an unprecedented rate, whilst maintaining quality, uniformity, traceability and safety in their battery products.

The new Thermo Scientific LInspector in-line measurement and control system addresses that demand and is specifically designed to detect defects in lithium-ion battery electrode coatings, electrode calendering and separator films during the manufacturing process while reducing waste and improving battery quality. 

“Consumers are making choices for clean transport and clean energy, which calls for efficient and economical energy storage. Thermo Fisher is committed to delivering analytical precision for battery manufacturing customers with enabling technologies from the research laboratory to the production line,” says Phillip van de Werken, vice president and general manager of the materials and minerals business at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The LInspector measurement and control system offers a combination of improved basis weight determination, increased scan coverage, measurement precision, speed and sensor accuracy, together with novel remote instrument health and status monitoring capabilities. These developments enable coating and thickness control with exceptional accuracy, allowing manufacturers to confidently deliver quality lithium-ion battery products at scale. The new system also includes innovative diagnostic display screens and data reporting purpose-built for battery factory environments.

“Lithium-ion battery manufacturers need confidence that they can detect exceptionally small defects in their products. LInspector measurement and control system enables battery manufacturers to consistently qualify the thickness and coating uniformity of battery electrodes during the production process at faster speeds and with greater resolution than ever before,” says Tam Nguyen, senior gauging product line manager at Thermo Fisher. “In addition to exceptional precision and control, the LInspector measurement and control system has intelligent instrument performance monitoring (IPM) with secure data archival and full traceability of product defects. These innovations will enable battery manufacturers to improve their product quality and prevent defective batteries from reaching cars, clean energy storage systems, and consumer electronics.”

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