Product News: Thermo features the newest LXQ applications that highlight rapid and reliable structural identification and quantification

14 Nov 2006

Thermo Scientific, the world leader in analytical instrumentation, features the newest applications highlighting the LXQ High Throughput Linear Ion Trap. High throughput drug discovery, robust analysis of oral fluid for multiple illicit drugs, and the analysis of complex proteomic samples are highlighted in this application feature.

The LXQ delivers linear ion trap performance for high throughput solutions in today’s fast-paced analytical laboratory. The fast cycle time and high sensitivity of the LXQ enable rapid and reliable structural identification and quantitation for a wide array of applications including:
  • Impurity and stability studies
  • Metabolism / metabolomics
  • Drug screening
  • Protein analysis

Make decisions faster and with more confidence, increase your lab’s productivity without sacrificing quality, and experience true performance with high MSn spectral quality, sensitivity, and fast cycle times.

New Featured Applications

  • A High Throughput Approach for Metabolite Profiling and Characterization
  • Analysis of Multiple Illicit Drugs, Methadone and their Metabolites in Oral Fluid
  • Analysis of a Complex Sample of Bacterial Whole Cell Lysate from Haemophilus ducreyi