Product News: The New Scie-Plas 2007 Catalogue is out now!

08 Oct 2007

The aim of the exciting new Scie-Plas 2007 catalogue is simple - to provide our customers, end-users or distributors, with everything they need for electrophoresis: whether it’s a gel tank for a specific application, a gel documentation system, chemicals and buffers, power supplies and PCR products.

Celebrating nearly 25 years as a leading manufacturer of affordable and innovative electrophoresis products for the Life Sciences, the new 2007 catalogue represents a five-fold expansion to its predecessors. Each product is showcased individually with a comprehensive listing of its features and benefits, plus recommended protocols and invaluable technical information.

New additions to the Scie-Plas Catalogue include...
  • VISION gel documentation system with GeneTools software
  • Biostep transilluminators
  • SERVA electrophoresis chemicals, including IPG strips and precast SDS-PAGE and IEF gels
  • Dedicated 2-D systems for those users who prefer IPG strips to capillary ampholyte gels
  • VG-FAST96 – a 96-well solution for high throughput molecular genetic studies
  • GLE-UVSC UV sterilisation cabinet for pre-PCR decontamination of background nucleic acids
  • Techne TC-3000 personal thermal cycler
  • Specialist units for the COMET assay and cellulose acetate electrophoresis
  • HU15 – the market standard for horizontal electrophoresis
  • Gel multicasters and Scie-Plas Super-Seals™
  • TV400-DGGE denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis system