Product News: The new Gen-2 Tip Box from ABDOS Life Sciences: Improves your pipetting precision

30 Jun 2022

Tip of the iceberg : Like the tip of an iceberg can be seen above water level, a number of other problems with Pipette Tips rather stay unknown. One example is hindered access from the Tip Box when picking up the tips which results in incorrect pipetting volumes. “This may result in non-reproducible data”

Some problems with Pipette Tips boxes are obvious like: 

  • Tips have to push powerfully onto the tip rack in order to achieve an efficient tip fit. 
  • Loose gripping of the Pipette Tips due to non-sturdy Tip Box
  • Uneven aspiration during liquid handling due to non-sturdy Tip Box 
  • Toppling of the racks while picking up the tips

The new Generation Tip Box from ABDOS Life Science helps scientists handle the pipetting steps with utmost precision and thereby eliminates costly errors caused by the tip box design. 

The new Gen 2 Tip Box is designed for Robust handling, anti-warpage, and anti-shrinkage. A flange & new hinge design on the lid offers strength – allows complete opening of the lid and an overlapping lid closure and positive snap lock allows the lid to be closed tightly.

The new Tip Box has been patented for design & usage by ABDOS Life Science for better handling of liquid samples and laboratory reagents.

ABDOS’ Indigenously developed design improves the strength and helps to reduce the environmental burden. Tip box durability enhances the usage duration & curbs the wastage. Design of tips box ensures compatibility with major pipette brands.  

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