Product News: Tecan’s Freedom EVO® Meets the Demands of Automated LC-MS Sample Preparation

31 May 2011

Tecan, one of the world’s leading players in laboratory automation, will be highlighting its Freedom EVO liquid handling platform and accessories, demonstrating the system’s proven capability to handle high sample throughput and meet the ever increasing demand for rapid sample preparation for LC-MS analysis.

The growing number of samples being analyzed by LC and LC-MS has resulted in a significant increase in the time spent by laboratories on sample preparation. Manual sample preparation is extremely time consuming, and laboratories have increasingly turned to automated sample preparation to meet high throughput demands and quality requirements. Tecan’s flexible Freedom EVO liquid handling platforms provide connectivity to downstream solutions and data can be transferred between the instrument and the laboratory’s LIMS, offering fully automated, high throughput sample preparation for LC-MS analysis.

Visitors to the booth will be able to see the flexible Freedom EVO workstation and learn how it can be configured to meet their particular needs. The system is available in four different worktable capacities, with a range of liquid handling and robotic manipulator arms that enable precise and reliable automation of advanced liquid handling tasks, and can be easily reconfigured to evolve with changing application requirements, providing long-term protection of your laboratory’s investment.

The highest degree of process and data integrity is guaranteed by the Freedom EVO’s safety and detection features, including capacitive- and/or pressure-based detection and monitoring of sample liquid levels during pipetting, as well as a Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP™) option to ensure a complete record of any errors. Fully automated solid phase extraction can be performed using the Te­VacS™ module, and complete sample tracking is accomplished via the PosID™ barcode scanner. The platform’s intuitive, easy-to-use Freedom EVOware® software provides total control of even the most complex applications, allowing easy implementation of methods while maximizing system performance.

For more information, visit Tecan at booth #153.