Product News: Take Advantage of Eppendorf Research® plus 3-Packs with New Promotion

01 Apr 2010

Eppendorf UK’s spring Advantage promotion focuses on the award-winning ultra-light Eppendorf Research® plus pipette, with savings on three different start-up 3-Packs. Designed to dramatically reduce the risks of RSI in pipetting, the revolutionary new Eppendorf Research® plus weighs only 71–75 g, whereas conventional pipettes weigh up to 125g.

This advance is possible because of an innovative PerfectPiston™ made of Fortron®, an organic polymer highly resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical stress. The result is a pipette which is safe, robust, fully autoclavable and ultra-light. Lifetime service costs are reduced significantly because of the minimal parts, and with the lowest aspirating, dispensing, blow-out and tip ejection forces of any pipette on the market, the Eppendorf Research® plus promises outstanding ease of use.

Running from 1 April to 30 June, Eppendorf Advantage offers savings of around 20% on special introductory Eppendorf Research® plus 3-Packs. Each pack contains three different sizes of adjustable high-precision Research plus pipettes, together with 96 matching Eppendorf pipette tips for instant use. There are three pack types to choose from, including a special ‘mL’ large-volume option which is ideal for pipetting cell culture media.