Product News: Tailor Your Experiment to Your Sample with Edinburgh Instruments’ Microscope Attachment for the FLS980 Spectrometer

01 Jul 2013

The Edinburgh Instruments microscope attachment, when supplied with the FLS980 spectrometer, enables you to record and measure widefield fluorescence, as well as to measure a specific point on your sample. Its allows you to finely tune both the excitation light (illumination) and the detected emission, giving you the flexibility to fully tailor your experiment to your sample. The FLS980 is a fully automated and flexible spectrometer.

It is fully customized to include one, two or three operational modes: time-correlated single-photoncounting, TCSPC, for decays between 100 ps – 50 µs; multi-channel scaling, MCS, for decays between 400 ns – 10 s; and single-photon counting for steady state measurements.

The FLS980 with microscope attachment incorporates comprehensive software, which controls the instrument and automated microscope stage, while containing analysis routines to scrutinize your data.

The microscope attachment is available with both upright and inverted microscopes.

Imaging cameras are available spanning the spectrum from the visible to the near-infrared, up to 1700 nm. Excitation can be provided by halogen lamps (wide field excitation), picosecond pulsed diode lasers and LEDs, supercontinuum sources and Nd:YAG lasers (lasers and semiconductor sources provide point source illumination).

Steady-state emission spectra and fluorescence lifetime measurements can be obtained from specific spots on your sample, when using appropriate lasers. Lasers can achieve a spot size of 1 mm (objective dependent).

The FLS980, microscope control and data analysis are all carried out using a single software package. The spot measurements are intuitively displayed showing the automatic point-source “grid-like” measurement.