Product News: Synergy and Cytation Readers Validated for Agilent MitoXpress and pH-Xtra Assays

26 Jun 2019

BioTek is pleased to announce that its Synergy™ H1 and Synergy Neo2 Hybrid Multi-Mode Readers and its Cytation™ 1 and Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers are validated for use with the MitoXpress and pH-Xtra Assays from Agilent Technologies. The assays may be used alone or combined to measure metabolism in live cells. Instructional Applications Bulletins are available for each multi-mode reader detailing the specific parameters for optimized TRF performance with MitoXpress Xtra Oxygen Consumption, MitoXpress Intracellular Oxygen and pH-Xtra Glycolysis products.   

To date, BioTek’s Cytation 1 and Cytation 5 are the only automated imagers approved for Agilent Seahorse XF data normalization; generating reliable cell counts for improved assay reproducibility and more meaningful biological connections between cell seeding conditions and XF data. Cytation instruments combine automated digital microscopy with filter- and monochromator-based reading for a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative measurements in cell-based assays and more. Advanced Synergy Neo2 and basic Synergy H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Readers offer highly flexible microplate-based detection through combined filter- and monochromator-based reading.

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