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Product News: Starlab expands its product range with new 1250 µL ErgoOne E multi-channel pipettes

The new electronic ErgoOne E 8 and 12 channel pipettes have a volume range of 50–1250 µL

08 Feb 2024


Starlab International has introduced new models to its ErgoOne® E multi-channel pipette series. The latest ErgoOne E multi-channel pipettes, with a capacity of up to 1250 µL, complement the existing Starlab product portfolio to enable precise and efficient pipetting. The product family now includes five models to cover volumes 0.5 to 1250 µL in either 8 or 12 channels.

The ErgoOne E multi-channel pipettes are characterized by their high accuracy and ergonomic design. They enable precise dosages with volumes of up to 1250 µL and also simplify the pipetting process.

The aim behind the development of the ErgoOne E models was to relieve researchers of repetitive pipetting tasks. The new ErgoOne E models with a maximum volume of 1250 µL have four operating modes: pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, and dispensing. The menu navigation, low weight, and ergonomic design ensure ease of use – even over long periods of time. The individually adjustable finger grip allows the user to adapt the pipette to their needs. The robust construction promotes longevity and reliability, even in demanding laboratory conditions, and the long-life battery can be charged during use.

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